Variety stone rings

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Adjustable rings in various styles and stones.  An easy and inexpensive way to accessorize any outfit.

2 tone turquoise oval flower on silver

White stone oval flower on bronze

Large oval disk with center stone turquoise

Rounded edge rectangle inlayed in silver with detailed bead edge

Square turquoise with silver beaded edge

Turquoise oval with top and bottom edge beading

Pink stone oval flower small 

White and turquoise stone flower large

Turquoise flower large

2 tone turquoise flower large

Small stone turquoise oval

Center stone oval turquoise with circular turquoise stones 

White stone squash blossom

Turquoise squash blossom

Large white stone flower/copper

Large small stone oval flower

Red stone squash blossom

Oval center stone with small oval stone boarder in copper and white turquo

Eye shaped ring green turquoise

Pink squash blossom 

Pink teardrop stone flower

Turquoise rounded triangle center/oval pedal flower 

Large flower multi colored stone 

Oval center stone small stone edge turquoise

Oval center stone with rounded turquoise and red stone boarder

Oval silver concho with oval center stone

Small burnished silver with set turquoise stones